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New technologies are revolutionizing the way we communicate and interact in the business world. For enterprises to remain competitive and attractive while continuing to deliver a superior customer experience, they need professional, reliable, connected business phones. Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow™ the cloud-based collaboration service from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, empowers individuals and teams to connect and collaborate efficiently with colleagues, business contacts and customers.Whether they are handling project details, answering a customer question, or providing a solution—your team can instantly do it all with a chat, an audio, or video call. And they can create a project group and share files, or host a web conference, on the fly.Rainbow connects all your locations, as well as remote workers, with collaboration services. It’s simple to deploy, and protects your existing investments. It provides secure encrypted communications and data storage for data centers located in privacy-conscious countries.Rainbow also offers unlimited customization capabilities with numerous APIs opened to all developers. Rainbow cloud services can be integrated into a website (for example, a customer portal to reach sales or support teams), or integrated into a mobile application to provide direct contact with your end-customers.

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