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Data Switching


For larger enterprises, application fluency enables the corporate data center to become a multi-site private cloud by extending layer-2 connectivity between multiple data center sites for data switching. Hybrid cloud models are also supported, so public cloud-based services can be seamlessly delivered on the corporate network. Corporate data center infrastructures must evolve.

Mobility, real-time applications and virtualization have created new demands that yesterday's data center architectures aren't equipped to handle. Users need anytime, anywhere access to rich-media applications from smartphones, tablets and other devices - and they need it now. Application Fluent Networks automatically react to the dynamic requirements of virtualized workloads, such as following virtual machine (VM) movement. Because they are application aware, quality of service (QoS) is automatically adjusted for application flows within the data center and across the network. Discover how Application Fluent Networking is the first stage of software defined networking.



CBX Tech provides support for a range of CISCO based protocol networking support in South Africa. It offers support services and configuration or routers and switches used to direct data, voice, and video traffic; and remote access servers, IP telephony equipment, optical networking components, Internet conferencing systems, set-up boxes, and network service and security systems. Having CBX Tech as a CISCO networking support partner will benefit to:

  • Accelerate deployment of new technologies, and reduces the learning curve for your IT staff.

  • Protect the integrity of your network and the data that crosses it.

  • Your users to achieve higher levels of productivity and responsiveness.

CBX Tech support industry and technical leadership can improve your business on financial stability, commitment to innovation and dedication to your networking systems.

We make it easy, and we do it quickly...

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you with your Cisco requirements as we certified in:

  • Switches

  • Routers

  • Cisco auditing

  • Wireless LAN products

  • Voice

  • CISCO bridge solutions

A new generation of technology to push your IT organization to remain relevant

CBX leverage our expertise in a new generation of technology to push your IT organization to remain relevant. With specialized departments in critical aspects of IT – like hybrid infrastructure, data science, information security and hyper-connected architectures we can enhance business outcomes and maximize return on your technology investments.

CBX offers IT consulting services and support to architect, deploy and optimize your technology assets. Withan exceptional track record of proven success and total dedication to understanding your business, transformation isn’t just possible – it’s unavoidable. Our dedication to understanding and working with your specific needs stems from knowing that success is based on partnership. We combine flexible IT consulting, co-managed and outsourcing services to deliver the broadest technology portfolio on the planet.

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