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CBX Careers


Effective knowledge transfer and up-skilling is the key to our youth in South Africa. With effective knowledge transfer and in-house training for potential to reveal itself to enable people to grow and expand our country to the best of its ability, and securing a future for young professionals.

This philosophy is the message that CBX wants to carry over in a corporate industry, aligning the business with people that can evolve in the celebration of life in a newly created arena. The result is to secure a committed relationship with our customers on all fields from where Maintenance, Assembly, Support, Planning, Guidance, Learning is needed.

Our internships follow a highly structured programme comprised of 95% practical, on the job training and coaching. The balance of the programme offers mentoring, life skills and technical training to complement the practical skills base. We have defined governance structures in place to support the development of interns. Internship intake is an annual process, beginning around April each year. All vacancies are posted onto the CBX website.

CBX committed to success!

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No current vacancies, please review later for possible opportunities.


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