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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has transformed the way in which we communicate.

Distance is no longer a barrier, we can speak face-to-face with whoever we want, wherever we want, by simply clicking a button. In this fast-paced ICT industry, the technology is constantly evolving. CBX Tech is always up-to-date with the latest advances, and can advise on the leading-edge equipment that will best meet your needs and objectives.

CBX Tech are an accredited and independent supplier, installer and maintenance partner of high-definition video conferencing products from leading international brands such as Polycom and LifeSize among others.

Bundled with on premise or hosted services, we provide a comprehensive solution. No other provider in South Africa has such an extensive range of connectivity solutions.

CBX Tech are passionate about technology and the benefits it can deliver. Our experienced, agile team are always one step ahead and will provide a reliable solution that’s easy-to-use and understand. CBX Tech provide full managed services and service contracts on all our video conferencing and AV solutions. So you will receive ongoing support to help make video communication work for your business.


CBX video Collaboration Architecture Overview on Polycom products is a starting point for decision makers considering state of the art video conferencing solutions, and covers a wide variety of different concepts

related to video communications and important guidelines for video-enabled network design. There are a wide-range of video conferencing solutions available in the marketplace today. To help you understand available options, this CBX provides a breakdown of the terminology, technology components, protocols, and deployment considerations needed to deploy a video collaboration solution. CBX Polycom based solutions are relevant and dependable to provide a non-biased view of video collaboration topics which all customers face. Choosing the right solution for your needs can be difficult due to the large number of available options and technologies. Allow CBX to gain a solid, high-level understanding of the video conferencing-related topics and background which you need to consider and how a video solution will integrate with the features, functionality and 3rd party tools you have in place already.

Life Size

CBX is also a strategic Lifesize partner which allows for simple and easy to buy solutions. Our flexible solutions give teams room to grow at a value that fits their budgets. Best of all, we offer customized solutions to equip conference rooms with  Lifesize conference room systems so that everyone can get the connection they are looking for, on any device.

Start connecting over the highest quality video on any conference room system, laptop, tablet, or smartphone—and meet instantly with individuals or teams, inside or outside your company. Enjoy the Connected Experience. Lifesize connects award-winning conference room systems, browser-based, desktop and mobile apps to a radically simplified cloud-based audio, web and video conferencing service


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