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Alcatel SMB


CBX provides small and medium businesses with solutions for voice and data telephony communications. State of the art offerings, tailored to meet SMB needs by delivering an efficient desktop, mobility, conferencing, collaboration and customer welcome. Voice, data and video are converged with a wide variety of terminals, rich collaboration solutions and a complete mobility solution. Modular solutions is easy to use, open, standards-based, secure, and reliable. All platforms are complete, enhancing serviceability and reducing operational costs.

Alcatel Medium and Large Enterprises

Partnering with CBX will allow your enterprise communications to transform into collaborative conversations and business services. Our expertise will be the driving essence of the business communications platform, supporting seamless interaction across multiple media, devices, and participants, all within the same conversation. Users can move from a phone call to a conference call simply by adding other people to the conversation; and it’s easy to add video, show a presentation, share an application or desktop, and exchange files during a meeting too. Employees can stay mobile by moving the call to their smartphone, tablet, Smart DeskPhone, or PC without interruption. The Alcatel OpenTouch solution adapts to the way that users work, enabling conversations that enrich their business

Alcatel Unified Communication & Collaboration Solutions

CBX can assist companies communications environment where users can collaborate using any device, wherever they are. With UC, enterprises can quickly gain a competitive advantage by breaking down silos to create the modern, mobile, multi-device and multi-media environment that users demand. Your company's employees need a variety of efficient, robust communication tools, whether they're working at their desk, on campus, or on the road. If you want to keep them working effectively, you’ll need to create a secure environment to enable business-class collaborative communications.

CBX’s UC solution offers a smooth evolution and a rich user experience with the freedom to integrate with your current systems - or simply start from scratch. How? A simplified architecture, a range of deployment models (CPE, Cloud or Hybrid) and a management system that simplifies operations, reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.


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