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Business Brainstorm


  • Rainbow Essential: Free-of-charge, Rainbow Essential is available to anyone who wants to try Rainbow for an unlimited period (no SLA). The Essential subscription can also be blended with any premium subscription, optimizing the cost of the solution for the whole organization.

  • Rainbow Business: The per-user subscription addresses individuals and teams who want to improve their daily communication, on-site or off-site, on-the-move or as a remote worker.

  • Rainbow Enterprise: The per-user subscription includes all services from Rainbow Business, in addition to collaborative multi-party services with video conferencing and extended file storage, as well as office tool integration including: Microsoft 0365, Google Suite.

  • Rainbow Enterprise Conference: The per-user subscription packages the Rainbow Enterprise service plan with unlimited phone conferencing minutes. The Rainbow Enterprise Conference user subscription is pre-paid for a period of one year (twelve months).

  • Rainbow Conference: An optional service proposed as a “pay-as-you-go” model for phone conferencing with a price-per-minute/per-connection. The organizer of the meeting can be a Rainbow Essential freemium user, or premium user with Rainbow Business, or Rainbow Enterprise subscriptions.

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